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Why Choose Timber Doors?

More and more homeowners in the UK are replacing their front doors from uPVC doors, aluminium doors, and even the more modern composite doors to timber doors. Why?why choose timber doors? Timber adds an elegant and classic appeal to your entrance door.

Timber absorbs and retains heat making it a great natural insulator. Solid wood and solid timber entrance doors and internal doors still offer the highest levels of energy efficiency when compared to other materials available.

Our manufacturing process ensures the timber is constructed to be the strongest it can be, whilst removing knots from the wood, before layering different grain directions and bonding. This means there is little to no risk of warping or bowing.

Another reason to choose a timber door is that it can be stained or painted. It’s also worth mentioning, that if maintained properly, timber doors can easily last more than 30 years.

What is a timber door?

Timber doors are the classic choice for your home. You could say timber is perhaps the oldest material used for doors both externally and internally, and there are many good reasons why timber is still used today. Timber is a beautiful natural material that adds warmth to any home. However, it is also easy to paint and produces a great finish that can go with any colour scheme. Timber is also very effective at insulating against heat loss.

The advantages of timber doors

  • Beautiful and elegant appearance
  • Long lasting and hard wearing
  • Little maintenance
  • Sustainable material
  • Natural insulator
  • Great value for money
  • Increased property value
  • Easy to install
  • Superior quality

House Style

In our opinion, If you live or own a period or heritage house, then a timber door is still the best solution for you. Timber will ensure the character of your home continues to exist. If you live in a modern house, timber doors will give your home a classic and elegant feel, plus making it feel cosier.

Types of timber doors available

At Cambium Joinery, we are able to offer the following types of timber doors.

Why choose a Cambium Joinery timber door?

We’ve been at the forefront of offering timber doors and timber windows to homeowners in the Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and whole of the UK well over 15 years, Our timber doors are ideal for period properties seeking to retain authenticity and modern builds hoping to add charm. Don’t settle for an ordinary entrance, when you deserve a timber entrance.

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