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Cambium Projects

Project #1 - Plastic Windows Replaced with Scarsdale Timber

A customer once contacted us looking for our help. The gentleman was having a kitchen extension built, and wanted one of our high quality timber windows for that extension. We were more than happy to help, and built & supplied the window. That wasn’t the end of the story, though.

The customer also had plastic windows across the entire front of their home, and these were old, drafty, and beginning to make the property very cold in Winter. After feeling the benefits of the high performance timber window in his kitchen extension, he then contacted us again, asking for us to build timber windows for the entire property!

That is exactly what we did, building a collection of timber windows from our Scarsdale range, which dramatically improved the appearance, energy efficiency and temperature in his home, whilst also significantly reducing noise from the outside.


Project #2 - Oak Doors with Hardwood Frames

There are many reasons that someone may choose to have wooden doors on their property. A few of these were evident recently when we were approached by a home owner who was looking to change the existing aluminium door to his property.

The customers specification was a new door which would look much nicer than the existing aluminium one, whilst also offering a high level of security. That is exactly what we provided, as we created this gorgeous, strong oak door with a grey hardwood frame. Made from the finest, responsibly sourced timber, this door transformed the look of the front of the property, and provides great security and energy efficiency too.

Cambium Projects
Cambium Projects

Project #3 - High Security Oak Doors

Here at Cambium Joinery we create gorgeous timber windows and doors for fantastic projects and beautiful stately homes – but that isn’t all we do. Two days are rarely the same at Cambium and recently our team have been working on a very interesting project.

We were commissioned to create high security oak doors for a prison. It goes without saying that doors in a prison need to be strong and durable which is exactly why the prison chose to go for our oak doors, knowing that they were of the highest quality and would provide robust security – as well as looking much nicer than steel doors too!

Project #4 - Conversion Of Listed Building - Nottingham Apartments

Our team work on a wide array of different buildings on a day to day basis, and recently we have been hard at work on a fantastic project – the conversion of a listed building. The 1800’s building in Nottingham was being converted from a derelict building into a block of modern apartments, whilst restoring and retaining the historical look of the buildings exterior.

For the project we manufactured fantastic looking timber sash windows and doors which completed the look of the building, whilst adding security and energy efficiency.

Cambium Projects
Cambium Projects

Project #5 - Local University - High Performance Doors & Windows

This week our team have been hard at work as we have been providing a local University with high performance doors and windows. The University has a seed store building which required  work. The Cambium team provided louvred doors, flush doors, and a high performance window design which all perfectly complimented the timber building.

The products provided enable a healthy air flow which keeps the storage area at an ambient temperature, allowing the students to carry out their studies accurately whilst also enhancing the appearance of the store.

Project #6 - Derbyshire Farmhouse - uPVC Windows Nightmare

Buy plastic they said, its maintenance free they said. What a mistake, as the foil effect begins to ripple and peel. We now need to replace the windows again, If only we had used timber, its lifetime is twice as long and easy to maintain. The door has sagged with the unsightly hinges, oh why hadn’t we used timber, with its discreet robust hinges and appealing glazing. Why have we devalued our farmhouse with plastic, never again. Now to rectify with timber, where the environmental impact is far less damaging than plastic, which usually end their life in landfill.

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Cambium Projects
Cambium Projects

Project #7 - Sash Windows for London Period Property

Our latest case study is from a period homeowner in London in search of reasonably priced timber windows whilst not losing any quality.  The London companies were quoting the homeowner with huge prices for the replacement windows which they couldn’t stretch to but didn’t want to go for the cheap uPVC alternative that their neighbour had done as they weren’t in keeping with the era of the properties and would de-value the period property overall.  We re-created their age-old sash windows with traditional lead weights and hardwood timber to ensure longevity.  The glass was double glazed and the windows were factory finished to provide our 10-year paint guarantee. One reason to change their 100 odd-year-old timber windows was down to the condensation they were getting and mould under the windows.  Once the new windows were in, they cured this issue and provided the higher security they required living in South West London. Are you having similar issues? Find out how we can help.

Project #8 - Dance Studio Windows & Doors

A few years ago the Cambium Joinery team were approached to take part in this very interesting project. An outbuilding at a manor house was being renovated, becoming a dance studio in the process. Planned out by an architect, the specification was very exact, but when we were approached to help provide high quality timber windows & doors we were more than happy to get involved.

The doors and windows added security and energy efficiency to the property, whilst enhancing the appearance of the old building. The customer was so happy with our work, they then asked us back to produce heritage windows for the rest of the manor house.

Cambium Projects
Cambium Projects

Project #9 - 3 sets of bi-fold doors

This week, we manufactured 3 sets of Timber Bi-Fold Doors for a customer who was so fed up with ordering ‘cheap timber alternative’ doors that turned up in ‘kit form’ and took ages to put together and when they did, looked inferior to any bespoke manufactured doors.  The project he was working on was a high-quality Surrey new build that demanded a quality product. Cambium Joinery doors are factory finished with no finishing required on site and can even be delivered ready assembled to fit straight into the hole.  This actually saved money overall on this aspect of the project as they were fitted far quicker and looked flawless.

Project #10 - Leicester

We worked with a building contractor to achieve the required specification for a large accommodation project. 200 bespoke windows were manufactured over the summer to get the accommodation up to scratch for the new residents. The old, traditional buildings were brought into the 21st century whilst maintaining the original look. Some of the sliding sash windows were huge at over 3000mm x 1000mm, all of which were replicated in our very own ‘Scarsdale range’ using best quality timber, double glazed units and high security locking. The sashes were spring balanced on this occasion to keep the project costs down.

Cambium Projects
Cambium Projects

Project #11 - Hertfordshire

We were brought in on a project that required high security timber windows and timber doors for a residential development after the customer decided the window sample provided by the joinery manufacturer selected by the builder was not to the standard they desired. The customer had already seen our bespoke timber windows on a project in Sheffield and much preferred our quality and factory finish over that of the other joinery firm. Along with the fact that we were able to provide the CAD drawings for the architect, developer and building control and all relevant information thoroughly detailed. We were able to assist in taking the project from concept to completion and fulfil all internal joinery in addition.

Project #12 - Bakewell

Imago lift and slide doors for a customer direct in Bakewell and fitted by their builder. His son, who was an architect, had recommended us having been given our details as an approved supplier. Had liked the finish and quality of the timber doors so much, he had all the windows done by Cambium also in the Scarsdale profile in our flush casement range.

Cambium Projects
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